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Genting trip (24th-27th May) with my ♥!

Okay dear readers... I know i hasn't been updating my blog for almost 3weeks! Sorry about that , either i had been busy with other stuffs going on or i'm lazy/ no mood/ no feel to blog about anything...
And here i am going to update my blog nao with recent entries what i'm doing recently ... shall start with my Genting Trip first ...

Before i start my post i would like to say today is the day you ORD finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy yeah! & 2more days to your birthday, my dear boy ♥

Genting trip (24th-27th May)

@Golden Mile Complex waiting for our coach.

dear surprise me on coach... as previously my necklace was broken, he went to bought a new one and surprise me that night... i still thought what he bring on his pants in his bag when he going to took out... haha.. thanks dear i love you muacks ♥

our room view just opp Genting Theme Park <3

day 1

dear bought me for a good lunch when we arrive that day

caught his sleepy eyes.....



free chocolate muffins

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3D , awesome!

waiting for cinema theater 2 to go in...

3D movie RM18 which is only less than $9... cheap!

dear eyes so big smile like super happy hahaha

we made this... (:


so cute..

hotpot bbq n steamboat for dinner..

we made this as well ♥
see our name on the rice?

n the date we got tgt <3

went to arcade on the 1st tiring night.. their tickets are like free like that.. we played games lose also got 100+ tickets per games..

n we changed the tickets to >>> this pink bear...

That’s all for day 1!

day 2

outdoor theme park tickets , we're ready to play!!

our tags..

have some light food in the morning..

Kungfu Panda 2 (3D) for midnight show , awesomex2 !

i know i am too old for this ride but i just cant help to sit on it hahahaha n asked dear to acc me too..... :p

omg! i can't imagine i did sit this once!!!!

ice cream to cool myself down after an exciting heart attack ride!

ready for 2 different water rides!

single's ride

couple's ride

i'm driving my own small cute car... hahahahahaha..... !

flying coaster was scary.. i feel no safe from this ride lol

Bak kut teh for late lunch cum early dinner ♥

grow in the dark bowling.. i have 1 x 1/, dear only have 2/ no x HAHA! i actually can win dear..but first three games i hit nothing -.- maybe i haven been playing for years.......

went to try their K"BOX" lolol..... will uploading two video of us singing later

we went to play pool too right after KBOX~

That’s all for day 2!

day 3.. going home~

pizza hut for lunch ♥

this is nice...

fish spa n massage (:

me playing cooking mama before going back..

games, movies, magazines to keep me company for hrs before home..


Wo de favorite~

Made this cup too... will bring to office ♥♥♥

That’s all the end of our trip! I hope you guys enjoy reading <3

It seems like many of our friends goes Genting during these time too ... Not forgetting casino, we did go everyday/night n win money too! (:

I really had a great time at Genting tgt with u my dear... Small quarrel occurs but we're still there for each other n that will always be . I love you dear ♥


Unfortunately.... bf mum grandmother pass away on the 25th when we're over at Genting
♥ Rest in peace ♥

Posted Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 2:51 PM